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Software Projects

From Ideation to Deployment

Software delivery includes much more than coding. We cover projects holistically from requirements and design to testing, performance optimization & deployment.

Every business is a software business

We bring expertise in all key areas of today's software development - including disciplined processes, utilisation of best technology stacks, DevOps and compliance with important industry security and legal standards.

Enterprise systems

Effective electronic communication among people is a key ingredient of success today. We design, develop and operate systems, that connect your clients, partners and in-house teams. Each person gets well-selected data and functionality and can focus on delivery of best value.


Mobile Applications

Engaging and User-Experience (UX) optimised mobile apps have recently changed the nature of many businesses. Regardless of your line of business, we can help you go mobile.



Software systems deliver their best when properly interconnected. We bring extensive experience on connecting enterprise portals, ERPs, CRMs and other typical systems and applications.

“Nextedy team transformed our systems to a modern combination of mobile and web interfaces for our thousands of on-line clients. On user feedback, we got excellent ratings and increased utilization of our services.”

Ivana Pallova
Project Manager, Avogado Legal