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We build your software

Work together on your next projects  – mobile or web, server or client, on-premises or in-cloud.


Poor communication and lack of transparency are common reasons for software project failures. Visibility, availability and direct collaboration are the heartbeat of our partnership approach. More than just philosophy, it helps all stakeholders to make timely, on-target decisions and achieve optimal results.

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Flexible to meet your needs

We work with companies ranging from small start-ups to to large enterprises, in a broad spectrum of industries.

Project scale

From a micro team to a team of teams. From a month to long-term cooperation.



Fixed price, Time & Materials or custom arrangement. Agile fully supported.



We embrace Agile, but we know how to handle formal standard-compliant processes as well.

“The best application development strategies will shape people, practices and technology investments to modernize and create innovative app experiences for digital business transformation.”

Katie Costello

“Hiring the NEXTEDY team brought a fresh air of advanced technologies into my company. We were rewarded with significant revenue growth and much more satisfied clients.”

Adam Caplan

“Using a mobile application from Nextedy, I can operate my business from virtually any place on the planet.”

Jan Skotnica

“Thanks to the great system capabilities developed by Nextedy I now have considerably more time to focus on the satisfaction of my clients.”

Petra Holubova
Customer Care Manager