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Agile & Lean Transformation

Overcome change resistence

We help you to achieve more with less via applying Lean thinking in diverse contexts.

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Current trends (Industry 4.0) clearly points that soon almost every business becomes a software business.

We solve how to connect IT and Business and overcome barriers between these two worlds.

Over last 18 years we have mastered Agile and Lean roll-outs in complex environments.

We run our own projects and startups following the best practices we recognized viable over last decade –  we will share with you our own proven experience.  

Start today – the first step can be  RainFellows Agile Workshop, you will gain the real experience of the connection between Business and IT.


Educate & Inspire

Show essence of team spirit and team collaboration through interactive educational games and workshops. Introduce the best of Lean and Agile principles and tailor them for your unique situation.



Set up environment (goals, KPIs) to motivate the team to cooperate towards the same goal. Set up a way of working supporting team cooperation.



Coach the team in helping each other, cooperating, sharing and growing together. Use a practical framework to make the changes happen on all sides – Business as well.

Lean & Agile coaches provided their experience and tools when Faurecia decided to build an Agile software development team to create a new Just-In-Time solution for their production plants. As a result we got:

  • autonomous distributed Agile development team in 3 months
  • team productivity increased by 50% in 5 months
  • development team integratedinto the end-to-end value chain
  • sustainability – continuous improvement built into daily work.

Philippe Hocqueloux / Manager
Faurecia  – A global leader in automotive technology

Who is RainFellows

We help companies and their leaders to become more productive and efficient using Agile and Lean methodologies. By engaging people across internal borders, we build a culture of collaboration, openness and better communication. 

We are a team of coaches, consultants and mentors having more than 15 years of experience with introducing Agile and Lean principles and methods in complex and highly evolving environments such as technological and telecommunication companies.

In 2006, following our success at Nordic IT company Tieto and based on a demand for Agile methodologies, we setup team of Agile Couches  and we started to share our own experience  with other teams across Europe. For couple of years we were part of IT Cluster in Finland, we were rolling-out Agile and Lean to companies of different sizes, from start-ups to large enterprise organizations.

In 2013 we have founded own consulting company – RainFellows and we started to introduce Agile and Lean principles also outside of IT industry. As an example we can name Arcelor Mittal, a steel producer, who we teach principles of Lean manufacturing and Kaizen. In 2013 these trainings contributed to double production of local Arcelor Mittal’s division.

We are members of top expert group Red Button. We have co-founded sharing platforms for IT geeks (TechMeetup Ostrava) and entrepreneurs (BusinessCon).